Education Resources for Parents, Teachers and Administrators in the state of Alabama

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State Services and Resources

Alabama State Arts Agency
Alabama State Child Care Licensing Office
Alabama State Coordinator for National History Day
Alabama State Coordinator of Education for Homeless Children and Youth
Alabama State Correctional Education Coordinator
Alabama State Director of Adult Education
Alabama State Director of Children with Special Health Needs
Alabama State Director of Community Colleges
Alabama State Director of Maternal and Child Health
Alabama State Director of Special Education
Alabama State Director of Vocational-Technical Education
Alabama State Education Agency (State Department of Education)
Alabama State Grant Agency
Alabama State Guaranty Agency
Alabama State Higher Education Agency
Alabama State Humanities Council
Alabama State Library Agency
Alabama State Literacy Resource Center
Alabama State Parent Training and Information Center (Disabilities)
Alabama State PTA Office
Alabama State Tech Prep Coordinator
Alabama State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

U.S. Department of Education Sponsored State & Regional Services and Resources

Comprehensive Regional Assistance Center
Equity Assistance Center
Parent Resource Center
Regional Educational Laboratory
Regional Resource Center
Regional Technology Consortia Program
Secretary's Regional Representative and Regional Office